Selling systems with Fedora preloaded.

Patrick Barnes nman64 at
Mon Nov 28 17:11:44 UTC 2005

As yet-another-workaround that is technically legal, you can offer all 
of your changes to Fedora as a separate service that can be conducted 
before dispatching the system.  Basically, you sell the person the 
computer, give them Fedora for free, and bundle a free service of the 
modifications to Fedora.  You would, of course, have to allow your 
customers to opt out of these changes, but it is a trivial way to work 
around the current guidelines.  You could produce a CD and instructions 
to go along with the systems that allow the users to replicate the 
changes on their own, but you cannot apply these changes to the Fedora 
CDs you provide.

Note that this does not solve your legal concerns with regard to 
bundling third-party and patent-encumbered software.  Those are issues 
you must address separately.  Be sure to investigate the legal and 
liability ramifications in your locale of adding patent-encumbered 
software like MP3 and DVD support.  It may be illegal for you to bundle 
these things just like it is for Red Hat to do so.  I'm not familiar 
with Mexico's policies with regard to the United States' software and 
process patents.

Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
nman64 at

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