Brazilian LiveCD

Chitlesh GOORAH chitlesh at
Tue Nov 29 23:52:46 UTC 2005

> Fedora Core 4 LiveCD
> Created by SERPRO ( Company of Technology - Brazilian Government )
> Download:

Hai Rodrigo,
good job.

I have just downloaded and burned it.
There are things you need to specify,
1. by default its in spanish i guess
2. secondly it is with kde

I wanted to change the language to EN and finally logout and login
(just like with knoppix) but finally ended with a login screen asking
a username and a password. Its 00:48 now. Im going to sleep. I will
look at it tomorrow.

last thing. I would be good if its tweaked to fit fedora core. by
tweaking i mean, removing the linux-live text. plus the very last
thing. It detected my hda1 as wrong fs.

good job +1

you can include it here or here depending
whether it is derived or not.

one word (or a touch for perfection) for the liveCD wiki pages, I
woould be nice if kde or gnome is stated next to the  live distro.

Chitlesh GOORAH

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