30 minutes presentation

Chitlesh GOORAH chitlesh at fedoraproject.org
Mon Apr 3 00:56:14 UTC 2006

My presentation on Thursday was followed by an Install party, which I
hosted at my place.
The Install party was extended for two days, instead of the initial
planned "1600 to midnight" on Saturday.
Besides the install party, the objective was to install certain
development tools such kdevelop, anjuta .....

Saturday : at 1600
Everyone was right on time :) without free space allocated for the install. :(
Every one (7 in all) who was willing to give FC5 a try got a Free FC5
DVD from me, even the guy who was willing to install debian got my
LinuxTag's debian dvd for free. But it happens that during the
hardware detection, debian wasn't fruitful, so I handed him my Ubuntu
Breezy cd, which I got at LinuxWorldExpo in Frankfurt.

I made myself a fool when I told that anaconda can resize their NTFS
partition. I always thought anaconda could do that. Is it because of
patents ? Anyway, thanks to ThomasCanniot on #fedora-fr, I got myself
a gparted livecd which resize partitions like a charm.

Ill advise anyone who is planning an Install Party to acquire a
gparted livecd from http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php
You'll thank me afterwards for the time you will save just for
resizing ntfs partitions.

at about 1800 the real installation started, everyone fired their
installation dvd/cd into their players.

Anaconda eased the pressure/stress of each participant. Well done,
Anaconda. My assistance was only solicited during the partitioning
section. If not, the installation worked like a breeze except for one
particular participant. His laptop (P3 1.2GHz) couldn't bear the
installation, and shuts down automatically due to overheat. Several
attempts did not prove to be successful. But nevertheless, he asked
whether the next day (i.e Sunday) I could install FC5 on his desktop.

Another user was too stupid to choose a proper keyboard layout, hence
the root password was unknown after the installation. He started

Concerning Ubuntu's installation, well it's a real pain in the neck
for swap creation.
"Linux for human beings" ??? here it didn't prove to be !!
Nevertheless, in Dapper Drake, there might be something more gui :
kubuntu  http://kubuntu.org/~jriddell/espresso/screenshots/
Unlike Fedora's choice of packages, installation of development tools 
in Ubuntu requires internet = TIME !
What's funny is that "make" isn't installed on a fresh Ubuntu and the
search option of synaptic can't find "make".

At 0200 (sunday), we decided to continue the install party in the
afternoon along with the other desktop installation.

FC5 installation in this desktop, proved to be buggy!!
But after a quick search on fedoraforum.org, everything went smooth :)
Even the installation of ati drivers from livna.org worked like a
breath with SELinux=Disabled.
See the undergoing discussion about this in my blog.

Being myself NOT really a big fan of the "deb" community, I didn't
show any negative attitude to the Ubuntu community during this event.

Chitlesh Goorah

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