Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at
Sat Apr 8 07:29:38 UTC 2006

mikael wrote:
>> I'll throw my two cents: I guess you will have a better chance asking 
>> for a different kind of help, for example ask for a (temporary) 
>> hosting solution, this is much more easy to get.
>> For what other things do you need money?
> The only help i need is with a proper domain and a place to put the 
> website. All other things i can do myself...

You can use the Fedora Community Portal as an 
example: it does not have a "proper" domain name (but a free service 
instead) and display at the bottom of the page a banner for its hosting 
Is no shame to do this, start small and when your website grows it may 
become self-sustainable.

nicu, without a proper domain either and with borrowed hosting

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