example glabels template for fedora business cards

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at gmail.com
Thu Apr 13 23:22:55 UTC 2006

I take the lack of glabels templates for the Fedora business cards
idea as a personal affront to my heroic effort to keep a glabels
package maintained in Extras.  In an effort to save your very souls
from my insatiable rage I have demeaned myself to create an example
glabels template which laughs in the face of the .odt template which
cowers in my template's presence. So incredibly frightened is the odt
template by the awesome majesty of the glabels template that the it
has failed to even heed the ancient evolutionary compulsion to void
its bowels in preparation for a dash for survival. For it is obvious
to the odt templates higher brain, that fighting my glabels template
is no option and fleeing from its devastating countenance is folly.
The odt template's only hope is to play dead, but such hope is slim
because the glabels template hunts for its prey with uncanny
supernatural abilities.

Anyways... i made a glabels example template for the business cards,
using the banner and logo scavanged from the wiki and the fedora-logos
package.  It would have been better if i could have found an svg
banner. And no I can't put more than one type of business card in a
single file.. so if you want to included glabels templates on the
wikipage you'll need to have one per type of card layout. They are
wicked easy to make though.

-jef"You know.. you can use glabels to make stickers... la de da de da"spaleta

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