Why getting Shared Media rolling is important

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Fri Apr 14 09:50:20 UTC 2006

I totally agree. I find it interesting that both Hal Varian and Bill Gates
would both akin Microsoft to drugs and "addiction". With that said, I think
it further fuels the need for some sort of LiveCD. I keep a laptop in my car
with some DVD ISO's, as a pre-emtpive "Ambassador Survival Kit" of sorts
until we have one available and one of the first things I do when I show
someone the laptop (it seems no matter where you go, if you are using a
laptop someone will come over and want to check it out or talk) is change
the desktop to KDE and use a theme/style that is very familiar to them, and
usually I get a "I had no idea Linux was like that" or some other such
variant and then the influx of questions follows ("can you do this, that the
other thing"). But the point to that being, most people started off on
Windows, so they are "used" to it like that article says, since the "free
dose" is supplied with the computer when they purchase it. I really hope an
agreed upon LiveCD is available soon and glad I chose to swallow the right
colored pill.

Surreptitiously Yours,
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