Active Vs Passive was..Why getting Shared Media rolling is important

Karlie Robinson karlie_robinson at
Fri Apr 14 19:29:17 UTC 2006

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Clair Shaw wrote:

> From: Karlie Robinson <karlie_robinson at>
>> What I'm talking about is a no-holds-bared *marketing* assault on the 
>> installed computer base in schools.
> Hi, this is a good idea; I'm wondering if this is something that can 
> be done through the Word Of Mouth project?

Word of mouth will surely help, and it will help bring in warm leads.  
It may also take longer to get people on board. 

It may need to start with a "Seed" school and then systematically find 
decision makers to talk with. 

The very first "seed" would be a pilot program.  They would be a willing 
participant aware that there are going to be bumps along the way.  Which 
isn't that hard to overcome as long as they know we're willing to bust 
butts to make it right. 

The Seed would then be an example for the next phase which spreading 
FOSS to neighboring schools. 

But the point to make with Schools is saving money.  If we're really on 
the ball, we're going to gather volunteers and do all the installs for 
the cost of the Pizza and cold drinks.   I'd even wager that would cost 
less than their OS, Antiviurs, and malware cleaner for 1 machine.

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