WOM : remastering and restructuring

Chitlesh GOORAH chitlesh at fedoraproject.org
Mon Apr 17 13:36:57 UTC 2006

Hello there,

I wish to propose another face to Word Of Mouth Project (WOM). NOT TO

at the present:
The Fedora Word Of Mouth Project is a project to give Ambassadors
support to help with day to day word of mouth promotion of Fedora,
such as introducing the curious, and answering questions and
explaining the truth behind myths. This gives Ambassadors more support
with non-events, to help Ambassadors Project concentrate an events and

What I wish to stress on how announcement is to be done to the Ambassadors.

What do we have here and right now ?
 - Red Hat Magazine
 - Ambassador Mailing List
 - announcement list
 - Fedora Weekly Report on Fedoraproject.org
 - FedoraNews.org/cms
 - fedoraproject.org/people

What do the members asking for ?
 - a seperate mailing list to make announcement
 - more contributors
 - right information at the right time

The creation of a seperate mailing list to make annoucement for
ambassadors seems NOT to be a proper idea. It would be nice that
Members of the WOM contribute for
 - announcement list
 - Fedora Weekly Report on Fedoraproject.org
 - FedoraNews.org/cms

 - do not reinventing the wheel since the mechanism is there
 - enhancing those three mechanisms
 - more contributors have more time to provide more announcement
 - help Thomas Chung as well.
 - many (non-events) ambassadors don't know where to contribute, they
will have the chance then
 - too many lists will complicate life

What will be the duty of WOM then ?
WOM can take care of these:
 - announcement list
 - Fedora Weekly Report on Fedoraproject.org
 - FedoraNews.org/cms
Im not asking for merging since each has a different objective/roadmap.
WOM can
 - Provide enough guidelines which states the differences between
those medium for new contributors integrate the project easily.
 - have a seperate mailing list where WOM contributors can interact
 - discuss how annoucement / information can be spread properly for
Fedora's good
 - merge the actual contributors of
 - - announcement list
 - - Fedora Weekly Report on Fedoraproject.org
 - - FedoraNews.org/cms
 - - translators
 - provide assistance/mechanism to help translators with the announcement
 - treats requests (from the community/fedora users) which seek a
particular information on a particular project.
 - look whether the wiki pages of a particular fedora project does
provide the relevant information or what is lacking.

Consequences ?
Announcement list is a high traffic list, 99% of traffic which is
nothing to do with ambassadors, _or_ WoM. WOM can create a sort of
mechanism such as announcement related to ambassadors have
[ambassadors] or [amba] in the subject.

In the end, not only the Ambassadors will benefit from it but also all
the Fedora contributors.

Will WOM be part of Marketing afterwards ?
why should it not be part of Marketing?

WOM is part of the Marketing Project so this is why I wrote to the
Marketing mailing list. You can forward it to another appropriate
place if you want.

Of course, WOM will not be limited to what I wrote :)

Chitlesh GOORAH

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