IRC French Presentation

Chitlesh GOORAH chitlesh at
Wed Apr 19 12:06:50 UTC 2006

Hello there,

As many of you, somehow heard before on IRC, we are planning to make a
presentation on IRC about
Fedora and how the french community can help.

So up till now, we are:
and me.

Yesterday night, we (AurelienBompard, DamienDurand, ThomasCanniot and
I) had an unexpected meeting on #fedora-fr-meeting for nearly 2hours.

The meeting minutes can be found on in French.

The official wiki page is
When, Where, everything is written over there. I welcome everyone to
read it over there, to prevent abuse of copy/paste.

This event is intended for the promotion of The Fedora Project and how
a non-english native can contribute to the success of such big project
as The Fedora Project.

There will be a Secret guest who will be participating with us too.
He/She will be introduced at the beginning of the Presentation.

Concerning announcements, after translating, we will
start making announcements everywhere, lugs, news sites .....
A list can be found here

For some who remember the Umeet conference, it will be similar.

Chitlesh GOORAH

PS: Rahul proposed "vFUDCon" as a more specific title for our event.
(v for Virtual)

PS: The might
look like a personal wiki page, nevertheless it is also about
checklist for preparation, hence participants have all the rights to
edit it.

PS: It was a great meeting yesterday :)

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