My Final Summary (and I'll Shutup) ...

Jasper O'neal Hartline jasperhartline at
Sat Apr 22 07:06:39 UTC 2006

Bryan J. Smith wrote:

>In fact, Red Hat could learn to
>leverage some of its advocates and certification/training Alumni better
>too.  E.g., after plunking down $749 for the RH302 exam-only, when I
>passed, I didn't even get a printed Certification sent to me -- but only
>received a PDF file and had to print it myself!  I humored my fellow
>Novell colleague Ross Brunson with that one -- even though I regularly
>argue FC/RHEL over SuSE/Novell in our other sessions. ]
Did he tell you Redhat, Inc. wasn't a printing mill?

J. Hartline

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