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Jasper O'neal Hartline jasperhartline at
Sat Apr 22 07:41:13 UTC 2006

Tejas Dinkar wrote:

>I use linux at home, as do most of our ambassadors, and most of us have
>little or no commercial interest in it at all.
As an ambassador it should be in your interest to be interested in Linux 
In the field, office or home.I think he means between cores.

>I think he means between cores.
>Upgrading FC4->FC5 is miserable, when just core packages are used. Throw
>in 3rd party apps, code build from source (on a devel box), and that is
>enough to b0rk pretty bad.
This isn't true at all.
I think you are confusing YUM upgrading between cores not upgrading with 

>>>Previously installed drives with personal user data needs to be able
>>>to be retained without fail from upgrade to upgrade if the user isn't
>>>doing a clean install.
>>Okay, you've got to be _kidding_me_ here!  _All_ UNIX systems have "home
>>directories."  It is 100% _absolute_ and _all_ programs save config
>>files and data to it!
>Anyone who has used UNIX before knows that you should mount /home on
>it's own partition. I'm not sure if the FC installer does this (never
>auto partitioned), but this will let you keep everything between
>upgrades, down to your wallpaper.
It does, it even allows you to type in what partitions you want.
/home, /var, /etc, /usr /tmp and of course my favorite, /pub 8-)

>>>Now say a "ambassador" from Fedora can start making the rounds to Dell
>>>and other companies and attempt to get them to start offering this
>>>FREE Linux distribution on some of their PC models, which would also
>>>allow for lower prices on the retail side for them (ie Dell, Gateway
>>>etc.) as the OS is FREE and that cuts down on cost which the end user
>>>ends up incurring.
>>Have you ever heard the Microsoft term, "per-model licensing"?
>>Please, _please_ read up on this.
>This is one of those lose-lose situations.
>When windows is on, we are forced to pay extra for the software.
>When there is no os on, then that is a ground of promoting piracy.
>If we FORCE linux/fedora on it, then it is as bad as having windows, as
>it simply is against freedom.
>But, that being said, it is in the project's interest to request Dell to
>put fedora on their boxes. On the other hand, Dell already KNOW linux is
>free, you aren't telling them ANYTHING new.
Companies already ship Linux on thier PCs. A friend of mine who works at 
Best Buy
has had several people come in and request Linux be put on a new PC they 
are buying
and guess what.. that's right.. what the customer wants is what the 
customer gets.

I have a magazine sitting right here if you want me to give you phone 
numbers and purchasing
information on these vendors.

>>Yes, I agree the home user is bombarded by software written largely by
>>incompetent, oursourced or H1B Visa Indian, Irish and Israeli
>>programmers who have had virtually _little_ (if any) exposure to any
>>formal software development or engineering processes, let alone don't
>>care about the software they write like the passion of open source.
>Excuse me?
>This is not only terribly rude and offensive, it is also innacurate.
>Perhaps, you should look up some indian open source Contributors.
>>From Sirtaj, one of the founding members of KDE,
>Rahul, here on the Fedora Board,
>The founder of Anjuta (which is named after his wife)
>Shreyas S (gnome developer, ex maintainer of evo for mac until his mac
>was pried from his hands)
>Satish (writes a hell of a lot of kernel modules, and heads the Red Hat
>bangalore offices)
>Runa B
>Gopal Vijayraghavan, Lead developer of dotgnu,
>and I could go on for a while
>This comment is simply racist.
You must have lived a very sheltered childhood.
I too come from a military background, in fact my uncle is a retired 
Marine Captain
and is now working as a civilian at the Pentagon. My Grandfather and 
Mother both
are retired military, my Grandfather being a veteran of Vietnam.

It may have been off-key, but racist??

Read what he wrote:

incompetent, oursourced or H1B Visa Indian, Irish and Israeli
programmers who have had virtually _little_ (if any) exposure to any
formal software development or engineering processes

I didn't hear him say Gook, Spic or Slope. Did you?

J. Hartline

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