Marketing ideas -- I have to strongly _disagree_ with 99% of this ...

Clair fedora at
Sat Apr 22 09:13:45 UTC 2006

On Saturday 22 April 2006 08:55, Jasper O'neal Hartline wrote:

> I must also include, I was already put-off by asking why we had
> Fedora Ambassadors spying on Mandriva install parties on this list.
> I don't know what is or isn't the job, idealogy or focus of Ambassadors
> but I can say personally that isn't how things work around my house.
> Spying on other projects install parties to better yourself is exactly
> what it was, whether you want to take it in that context or not.
> In any case I had shown the mails to a few people and they were less than
> impressed. I think the ambassadors need to stop with the tunnel vision and
> try to think about priorities. As an Ambassador I would think it is in your
> focus to promote Fedora Core, end of story.

If it was spying, they'd be wearing black clothes and jumping in through the 
ceiling :)

But seriously, an ambassador went along to an install party to see "how they 
did it", so that Fedora ones can take any good ideas from it.

No harm in that, is there?


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