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Jeremy Hogan jeremy.hogan at
Sat Apr 22 15:44:06 UTC 2006

On 4/22/06, Bryan J. Smith <b.j.smith at> wrote:
>  E.g., after plunking down $749 for the RH302 exam-only, when I
> passed, I didn't even get a printed Certification sent to me -- but only
> received a PDF file and had to print it myself!  I humored my fellow
> Novell colleague Ross Brunson with that one -- even though I regularly
> argue FC/RHEL over SuSE/Novell in our other sessions. ]

The only way to win this is in the framing. Back when I worked at a tech
support farm, I once got in a war with another tech over who had the most
meaningless test, with the best sheepskin (Brainbench) and the best exam
with the worst cert (A+ at the time sent a stripey, faded cert printed on
ink jet with a cert template). It escalted into who had the most total
certs. Then on to who had the prettiest frame.

We decided to take all of our PDF and "print this page, you're totally
certified" and "simple ASCII table wiht your score" certs and put them in
ornate gold leaf frames like we were Harvard med grads. Dead center was my
buddy's Church of the Sub Genius ordained minister creds, allowing him to
perform deflowerings and levitations. Invariably the suits would tour and
stop at the wall near our cattle pen and marvel at how well trained our team
was. ;-)

The gig was finally up when I snuck in my framed portrait of Colonel

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