Marketing ideas -- I have to strongly _disagree_ with 99% of this ...

Jasper O'neal Hartline jasperhartline at
Sat Apr 22 16:14:23 UTC 2006

Clair wrote:

>If it was spying, they'd be wearing black clothes and jumping in through the 
>ceiling :)
>But seriously, an ambassador went along to an install party to see "how they 
>did it", so that Fedora ones can take any good ideas from it.
>No harm in that, is there?
No harm in it at all in my opinion if learning is at the personal level.

However as a Fedora Ambassador, it isn't the Ambassador project's
main goal or a top priority for Ambassadors to spy on other OSS project's
install parties.

If learning was at the personal level that is fine, however no one can play
that card in this instance because the frame of mind and wording of the mail
was not such of learning at the personal level to become a better Fedora 

That is what I read, this is now what I think. I am a good english speaker
and I know you aren't about to tell me I am the only one in a few 
hundred billion
possible readers on this list to have thought this.

J. Hartline

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