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Sat Apr 22 16:31:14 UTC 2006

On 4/22/06, Alex Maier <lxmaier at> wrote:
> You will find Cert Central here:
> and log in using your
> cert number.

Very nice. You know what would be neat is if you posted updates to the
course materials for the RHCE while the cert was current. Not only would the
RHCE keep his "saw sharp", as it were, by constantly deploying the most
current set of RH best practices, but when it was time to get current again,
they'd have some ability to prep for the course. I know I used my Rapid
Track guide daily until it was too out of date.

For the folks still wanting  a nice framed cert, do you think Red Hat would
sell them one? Many univerities have affiliates that sell mini diplomas, or
special plaques, or diplomas rendered in the style of the 1800's, etc. That
way RHCE and RHCA folks can proudly display their accomplishment (and spread
the brand) and Red Hat doesn't become a paper mill, while still controlling
who can get them.

I know if I earned the RHCA, I would have it printed on a banner that hung
off the flagpole at the town hall, just below Old Glory, but that's me.

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