Marketing ideas -- I have to strongly _disagree_ with 99% of this ...

M Daniel R M b2.mdr.magarzo at
Sun Apr 23 20:55:39 UTC 2006

> Installing Fedora Core on a bare hard drive is _easier_ than Windows.
> Installing Fedora Core into a dual-boot is _easier_ than Windows.
> Installation has _never_ been the problem.  Why?
> Because 99.9% of home users get their OS _pre-installed_!
> > and upgrading needs to be fail proof from version to version.
> Fedora Core upgrades _easier_ than Windows too.
> Heck, even Service Packs or Hotfixes to Windows.
> I'm trying to find out what you are "comparing" to here?
> >

I agree 100% with that, based on my own experience _half a dozen years
ago!!_, and also based on what I watch around me from time to time...:-)

P.S. I'm afraid the problem is not how much Linux (any flavour) will be
able to improve -this could be being increased until the infinite, while
the Linux user amount just keeping indefinitely under 1% :-(
What Linux (any flavour) needs is more IBM's, more Novell's, more Asian
Governments adopting it, more institutions, corporations and official's
establishments, more "dirty" money (yeah). 


Daniel Rodriguez

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