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Chitlesh GOORAH chitlesh at fedoraproject.org
Fri Apr 28 11:00:27 UTC 2006


The presentation started at 2100 Local time (France/Paris) yesterday,
it gathered fairly enough public :)

#38 on #fedora-fr-meeting
#35 on #fedora-fr-qa

Our special guest was RahulSundaram. He stayed for two hours with us,
though he was reading french posts on those channels.

Yes, the duration was twice as expected., more than 3 hours :)

As expected, the scheduled topics was  :
    *  1) Overview of the Fedora Project - ChitleshGoorah
    *  2) The Fedora Projects - DamienDurand
    *  3) SELinux - AurelienBompard
    *  4) Fedora Core 6 - AurelienBompard
    *  5) (Réflexion sur l'aide francophone) - ThomasCanniot
    *  6) Questions and Answers with our Secret Guess.

Concerning the report of this event, we (those who participated) have
agreed that each of us will write a small report on his presentation.

Globally, all those topics could bearly be covered in 1h30 . :)  ,
besides some (from the public) were a bit too excited.

Otherwise, everyone got enough priviledge to ask questions.

*  1) Overview of the Fedora Project - ChitleshGoorah

Briefly, I've introduced the Fedora Project, the Fedora Core and the
Fedora Board and RedHat's participation.

We tried to keep this vFUDCon interactive as far as I can, (yes, some
(from debian) abused it too) .

The main questions were about:
 * aiglx in rawhide.
 * no packages of xgl in Extras
 * mono, OIN

Afterwards, DamienDurand continued with The Fedora Projects. (He will
talk briefly about it later.)

Then it was AurelienBompard's turn with SELinux (He will talk briefly
about it later.).

Before AurelienBompard continued with FC6, ThomasCanniot talked about
some new ideas for the French participation to the Fedora Project He
will talk briefly about it later.).

At that time it was too late for RahulSundaram, we continued Questions
and Answers without him.

In the end, I've described the status of Kadischi and an eventual
Official Fedora Livecd in the near future.

Best thing in the end, was :
[23:59:21] <pti-seb> c'est quand la prochain fudcon ?

When will be the next FUDCon ? its vFUDCon :)

The logs files are uploaded to

Chitlesh Goorah

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