vFUDCon: virtual FUDCon

Aurelien Bompard gauret at free.fr
Fri Apr 28 15:27:45 UTC 2006


I covered two topics : SELinux and Fedora Core 6.

I explained quickly what SELinux is about, how it is an additional security
layer to the kernel. I talked about strict vs targeted, and how to switch
to enforcing/permissive/disabled. I told about setenforce to test if
SELinux can be the cause of a malfunction.
Concerning the workings of SELinux, I only explained the use of the "type"
property (file_contexts), and I used an example of a compromised FTP server
to show that is will only do what it supposed to do, even compromised.
Apparently people liked the example, some event said it was the first time
they understood SELinux (which is quite gratifying :) )
I had questions about how to make changes to the policy : one user didn't
know about the SELinux tab in system-config-securitylevel, and another
wanted to let apache listed to other ports than 80.
Someone asked if it is possible to manage SELinux policies according to
groups, which forced me to talk about MLS/MCS :)
So in the end, people were interested, and looked like they understood.

Fedora Core 6
I basically took the points in http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FC6Future and
explained what was said at FUDCon Boston.
I had questions about the future Yum applet, about a potentially new init
system, and about hardware support (for suspend/resume)
There were requests for a 1 or 2 CD install (yet again)

I think it went pretty good, except in the end when people used the
questions channel for trolling and commenting the main channel.

People started asking generic questions right after the start, so for future
vFudCons, it may be a good idea to collect generic questions 1 or 2 days
before the event, and to answer them at the beginning.

Also, maybe it's just us frenchmen who don't understand the word discipline,
but we need to prevent the questions channel from becoming a troll nest.
People (especially on IRC) need to comment what's going on and screem
"bullsh!t" from time to time, so we can open (yet) another channel for free
comments. And the non-presenting ambassadors can redirect trolls to this
channel. And the main channel can be made read-only except for the
ambassadors. That could work, we'll see next time :)

In the end, we're all pretty satisfied with how things went, especially
since it's our first.

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If one keeps trying, one successes eventually. Therefore, the more one
fails, the closer one is to success. -- Shadok moto.

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