[OT] A call for input from directory server experts ...

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Fri Apr 28 22:15:40 UTC 2006

I'm helping head up development of a broad set real-world objectives
that covers Linux-based directory services.  To this date, the early
focus had only looked at OpenLDAP, prior to the FDS project's
existence.  Being a longer-term Netscape Directory Server
administrator myself (and thank God that Red Hat bought it), I would
like to change that by ensuring the objectives reflect "real-world"
directory service capabilities in FDS as well as OpenLDAP.

So I'm looking for peer experts who have deployed NsDS/RHDS/FDS in
the past, ideally with OpenLDAP (or other, general LDAP capabilities
of another directory service) experience as well, to help build a set
of objectives.  It's also welcome to FDS developers as well --
although if you are a Red Hat employee, I understand there might be a
"conflict of interest" since Red Hat offers certification/training in
its RHCA program.  These objectives would cover, in real-world tasks,
what an enterprise Linux administrator should know about in deploying
and maintaining LDAP (FDS, OpenLDAP, etc...) in an enterprise

If anything, it's a good opportunity to expose FDS to many people
that assume OpenLDAP is the only option out there.  And ensure it in
a broad, vendor-neutral, peer-professional organization.  If you are
interested, please contact me _off-list_.

-- Bryan J. Smith, LPIC-2, RHCE

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