[Fedora-marketing-list] Fedora usability : a new project?

Rahul sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Wed Aug 9 13:01:14 UTC 2006


> Rahul,
> It's possible that you're missing the point of this particular
> discussion.  It wasn't that I don't understand the potential goals of a
> Usability initiative (I do), nor that I don't understand a need for it
> (I do), nor that I didn't understand Nicolas' comments (I did).  The
> entire problem -- and you will see the threads on fedora-advisory-board
> to this effect -- is that announcements are being made about "official"
> Feodra projects without any prior discussion about those needs, setting
> concrete goals and objectives, and so forth.  I came back with some
> comments intended to raise issues about possible duplication of effort
> and get people talking about it.  I don't mind being wrong, but the
> discussion needs to take place.

Sure. We definitely did expect discussions to take place. Wider set of 
announcements depend on fedora-announce list mails being moderated and 
we need to make sure we dont end up announcing things without the right 
ideas in place. When a new sub project is being announced, it gets a lot 
of attention and we would do better to explain things properly and give 
plenty of room for potential contributors to work their magic.

> My final comment was intended to point out that I hadn't seen any of
> this discussion, although there was a possibility they were being held
> somewhere that I hadn't seen them.  Those should be community
> discussions like RFCs where interested parties can hash them out before
> bringing them to the proper venue for backing.
> I haven't missed your comments in board meetings, but they don't
> constitute public discussion either, AFAICT.

They arent public discussions as such but I wasnt expressing a 
fundamentally new idea. See the problem is not that we dont know the 
issues involved but that our priorities have been elsewhere and arguably 
misaligned but unless there is more people going to contribute and fix 
the issues announcing a new project isnt going to change things. The 
immediate reactions I see to a new project discussion involve is people 
listing their favorite alleged issues and that wont get us very far.


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