[Fedora-marketing-list] Re: Slashdot interview with Fedora Project leader Max Spevack

Rahul sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Mon Aug 21 15:24:24 UTC 2006

Nicola Losito wrote:
> Il giorno 18/ago/06, alle ore 16:34, Rahul ha scritto:
>> Hi
>> http://interviews.slashdot.org/interviews/06/08/17/177220.shtml
> Does the interview actually ends up with Max saying "Which is why I 
> think a lot of the OSS "religious wars" don't make a lot of sense." ??
> If so i am a bit disappointed :-)

You want religious wars? Dont be silly.

> That's because on the last question "Have you tried Ubuntu yourself? Is 
> there, in your opinion, something Ubuntu does better than Fedora?" Max 
> didn't actually answered.
> He cites the main site/wiki efficency and the fist second impression of 
> a missing NetworkManager but then he omits to talk about the obvious 
> better "dektop experience" for Ubuntu users (fade effects, fast user 
> switching, general graphical consinstency [1]).

I cant see any obviously better desktop experience. I suppose Max 
Spevack didnt see one that is worth pointing out as a major difference 

Cant talk about what fade effects and general graphical consistency 
since they are not specific enough for me to understand what you are 
referring to.

The implementation of fast user switching has problems with multi user 
terminals so its hidden by default in the menu. You can of course enable 
it yourself if the problems dont affect your usage.


Other related bug reports


All of these were documented by me in 
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Bugs/FC5Common linked from the release notes.

> Ubuntu was born to be, and it's still developed to be,  "Linux for Human 
> Beings". 

I dont adore that quote. What are we developing Fedora for if not human 
beings or are people who use other distributions aliens? ;-)

Like my mom, or my friend which has studied literature, or
> anyone. Fedora is a 360° open pourpouse distribution. With time and 
> skill you can turn it into anything you like or want it to be.
> If that's our goal fine, go ahead. 

To the right amount of balance yes. The perl quote is appropriate here.

"Making simple things easy, and difficult things possible"

> If we want to appeal more and more people, and to get them come to use 
> we should think new strategies, the couple that comes to my mind are (i 
> think) near the actual Board goals (as stated in the interview):
> - the Core + Extras + Community package separation should be clearly 
> resolved.
> The Ubuntu or Mandriva approach is (to me) the winner: core (as universe 
> or main) + extras (multiverse or contrib) + jpackage (java related) + 
> PLF/non-free and STOP. No more livna/rpmforge dualism, nor a dozen self 
> referring repo for a specific task (each one on his server)

Core+Extras universe similar to other distributions already exist. 
Jpackage is already a common repository. Livna exists as a third party 
repository since Fedora does not support or include non-free software 
within the distribution.

What we are doing is moving is *away* from the model of multiple 
repositories into a single unified repository. Not dozens. Not even two. 
Just one single repository. Of course every distribution has third party 
repositories and we cant nor do we need to do anything about that.

> - some enhancements in the graphical behaviour of our window managers 
> (but i'd like to talk about them in the desktop list).

Yes. Please do and be very specific.


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