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Nicola Losito n.losito at yahoo.it
Wed Aug 23 07:29:41 UTC 2006

Il giorno 23/ago/06, alle ore 00:37, Max Spevack ha scritto:

>>>> That's because on the last question "Have you tried Ubuntu  
>>>> yourself? Is there, in your opinion, something Ubuntu does  
>>>> better than Fedora?" Max didn't actually answered. He cites the  
>>>> main site/wiki efficency and the fist second impression of a  
>>>> missing NetworkManager but then he omits to talk about the  
>>>> obvious better "dektop experience" for Ubuntu users (fade  
>>>> effects, fast user switching, general graphical consinstency [1]).
> I talked about it -- I think you disagree with my answer, but  
> that's perfectly fine!

No Max, I don't disagree with your analisys, with is punctual and  
I've said you didn't answer the question because you, trying to avoid  
any kind of "attack" or give the littlest aperture to "distro wars"  
makers, didn't get inside the analisys of your Ubuntu experience  
telling us what you like and what not about how the distro was  
"summoned up" {damn, i don't have a dictionary at hand and i miss  
some words, hope you understand me}.

> If one distribution is making mager changes, then shouldn't they be  
> trying to move all of that upstream, in the spirit of being a good  
> open source citizen?


>>> Fedora does not support or include non-free software within the  
>>> distribution.
> That will never change.

I'd like to read "Fedora does not encourage, endorse or include" ....  
leaving open some doors.
In any case in the mail exchange with Raul i've said that I'd like to  
see a more consistend distribution of software into an handful of  
repo, and not the actual plethora, never said that Fedora should  
include mp3 proprietary codec or whatever :-)

>> Fedora Project should speak loud on this inconsistency (for the  
>> record i have 14 different repositories in my yum.repos.d, some  
>> enabled some not, and i do not think it's easy to get the reason  
>> of this to the "non introduced").
> Wow.  14?  What are you doing with 14 repos?
> Core, Extras, and maybe 1 third party repo should be almost  
> anything that someone needs unless there's some very specialized  
> work happening.

Yes, 14.
Essentially the one's available in FedoraTracker's list, avoiding  
ATrpms and JPackage which gave me problems several times.

> What benefit do you gain from so many additional repos?

In this way i can have, test and use a bigger list of "free"  
software. The virtual PDF printer, the multimedia player .... the  
external repos take care of the "desiderata" packages in Extras and  
them some more.

> To me, that seems like it would be a lot of trouble, and a recipe  
> for instability in the system.

Yes, indeed. And that's why i am discussing it :-)

Nicola  .:kOoLiNuS:.  Losito


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