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Gian Paolo Mureddu gmureddu at prodigy.net.mx
Wed Aug 23 09:25:20 UTC 2006

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Nicola Losito escribió:
> Il giorno 23/ago/06, alle ore 00:37, Max Spevack ha scritto:
>>>>> That's because on the last question "Have you tried Ubuntu
>>>>> yourself? Is there, in your opinion, something Ubuntu does
>>>>> better than Fedora?" Max didn't actually answered. He cites the
>>>>> main site/wiki efficency and the fist second impression of a
>>>>> missing NetworkManager but then he omits to talk about the
>>>>> obvious better "dektop experience" for Ubuntu users (fade
>>>>> effects, fast user switching, general graphical consinstency [1]).
>> I talked about it -- I think you disagree with my answer, but
>> that's perfectly fine!
> No Max, I don't disagree with your analisys, with is punctual and
> realistic.
> I've said you didn't answer the question because you, trying to
> avoid any kind of "attack" or give the littlest aperture to "distro
> wars" makers, didn't get inside the analisys of your Ubuntu
> experience telling us what you like and what not about how the
> distro was "summoned up" {damn, i don't have a dictionary at hand
> and i miss some words, hope you understand me}.

Even though I'd be most interested on hearing/reading what does Max
think about Ubuntu, I'm not sure if his input on the subject more
directly than what it was would have been all that beneficial, for the
discussion and the whole Fedora "angle".  However now knowing that
Fedora is "no longer" a "Linux power user/enthusiast" distro any more
(or so I deduce from some of the postings and points made by Rahul),
I'd really be interested, as I tended to think that two niches were
covered by either Ubuntu and Fedora. Fedora being more like Gentoo
(without the whole "build it thyself" aspect) and being a distribution
that could appeal easily to both GUI-inclined power users and CLI
hardcore power users; while Ubuntu is usually associated with
Linux-newbie users. Personally I'm always game for a solution and tool
which would make setting something up easy and fast (usually this is
associated with GUI tools), just as long as what it allows me to
control is all I need to control, i.e, no further
configuration/tweaking is required. Especially useful for stuff like
Samba, for instance, as in the case of DNS or Apache, even though the
GUI tools are mostly OK for inexperienced users, I still rather
manually configure them manipulating the config files. Fedora, of
course, is not the only distro to have this power, and many more have
this ability, however on distros like SuSE, for instance, messing
directly with the configuration files can even BREAK stuff up.
>>>> Fedora does not support or include non-free software within the
>>>> distribution.
>> That will never change.
> I'd like to read "Fedora does not encourage, endorse or include"
> .... leaving open some doors.
> In any case in the mail exchange with Raul i've said that I'd like
> to see a more consistend distribution of software into an handful of
> repo, and not the actual plethora, never said that Fedora should
> include mp3 proprietary codec or whatever :-)
This is such a delicate topic, I'm afraid. Not only because of the
legal status of anything having to do with mp3 or proprietary
codecs/formats, but the freedom us, the users, can have while using
them as well (not only Fedora as a distro).
>> What benefit do you gain from so many additional repos? 
> In this way i can have, test and use a bigger list of "free"
> software. The virtual PDF printer, the multimedia player .... the
> external repos take care of the "desiderata" packages in Extras and
> them some more.
I for one find it rather odd that I like to have at least two extra
repos: Livna and Freshrpms. Mostly I manage everything from Livna that
is not part of Fedora/Extras, while I use Fresh for a selected few
packages. For some strange reason, I find Mplayer from Livna to be
generally "better" (as subjective as that is) than the Freshrpms
packaged one, however I find Xine from Freshrpms to be generally
"better" than that of Livna... Go figure.
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