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Nicola Losito n.losito at yahoo.it
Wed Aug 23 12:54:32 UTC 2006

Il giorno 23/ago/06, alle ore 12:09, Rahul ha scritto:

>> OK
>> but to me it seems you're avoiding to see my point :-)
> Just that your point was perhaps not clear to me.

It's a pity, because Gian Paolo has understood me, maybe his words  
are more clear than mine:

[GPM original message]
However now knowing that Fedora is "no longer" a "Linux power user/ 
enthusiast" distro any more (or so I deduce from some of the postings  
and points made by Rahul), I'd really be interested, as I tended to  
think that two niches were covered by either Ubuntu and Fedora.

Fedora being more like Gentoo (without the whole "build it thyself"  
aspect) and being a distribution that could appeal easily to both GUI- 
inclined power users and CLI  hardcore power users; while Ubuntu is  
usually associated with Linux-newbie users.
[end of GPM original message]

And also:

[GPM message]
Personally I'm always game for a solution and tool which would make  
setting something up easy and fast (usually this is associated with  
GUI tools), just as long as what it allows me to control is all I  
need to control, i.e, no further configuration/tweaking is required.
[/end of GPM message]

Given that "non free" or "troble maker" packages has to stay away  
from RedHat owned network (and so it's mirror) i then ask:
- how comes there's so muck fragmentation in Extras, Livna, RPMforge  
and on
- how can we ecourage them to put as much free software package in  
Extras leaving few non-GPL on an unique "non free" repos

Also, I'm ignorant, but it would be nice to have a Fedora-NONUS  
repository for those who live outside the USA (a la Debian).

I am insisting on package management policies becaus they are (for  
me, clearly) the strongest point of the Free Software movement and  
the easy availability of them could "convert" as much people as  
possibile (and here we are in marketing list, trying to "sell" our  

When i have the occasion to let try "Linux" to some friend quite  
never I am in the condition to make him try Fedora, principally for  
the reason explained before. I would like to change that, and after  
the ease of installation comes the package available to the user and  
the configuration tool at disposal.

Nicola  .:kOoLiNuS:.  Losito


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