[Fedora-marketing-list] Re: Slashdot interview with Fedora Project leader Max Spevack

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at gmail.com
Thu Aug 24 21:48:33 UTC 2006

On 8/21/06, Rahul <sundaram at fedoraproject.org> wrote:
> I dont adore that quote. What are we developing Fedora for if not human
> beings or are people who use other distributions aliens? ;-)

I am personally developing for dolphins and dolphin-human hybrids!
Come join me in developing software for the future... after the
glaciers melt and the oceans rise 3 feet and we are forced to
interbreed with the new dominant species to thrive in a new undersea
world.  Ubuntu is sooooooo behind the curve with their 'human' centric
view and their silly 'earth' toned color scheme. The future is all
subtle hues of the deep 'blue' sea. Fedora's coloring theming is just
the first step!

-jef"I've seen Kevin Kossner's Water World.. and I am a believer..
join me in making our watery future a free and open one!"spaleta

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