nodata fedora at
Tue May 23 09:44:45 UTC 2006

> The following comment applies to everyone, not just Thijs:
> PLEASE do not upload your entire address book (which may include
> fedora-ambassadors-list or other Fedora addresses) to ANY third-party
> service, and NEVER include ANY Fedora address when mass-mailing ANYTHING.
> Aside from concerns over your privacy and that of other Fedora Project
> contributors, it often results in messages like the one that started this
> thread, which serve only to annoy list members and can often lead to a
> rise
> in junk mail sent to the lists. Â Since the sender gets your email address
> too, it can forge the "From" header and avoid many list rules, like this
> message did. Â It is a violation against you and the other recipients.
> --
> Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
> nman64 at

The people who upload their address books to social networking sites won't
read this.

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