New logo guidelines and web design elements posted

Greg DeKoenigsberg gdk at
Thu May 25 19:10:27 UTC 2006

Great feedback.

> > Please be sure not to violate any of the guidelines.
> Repercussions are ?
> I've got a big steel ruler, but it doesn't stretch that far . . .

Let the punishment fit the crime.  :)

People who wish to use the logo still need to go through the approval 
process -- which will be much shorter, now that we've got turnkey 
guidelines.  Should be processed every couple of days.

One of the clauses for approval is revocability.  That means, if you 
violate the guidelines outrageously and refuse to comply with reasonable 
requests to get the mark in line, we tell you to take it down.  Go far 
enough down that line and lawyers would probably get involved, I suppose, 
but I can't see that happening more than once or twice.


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