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Gain Paolo Mureddu gmureddu at
Sun May 28 07:28:51 UTC 2006

Máirín Duffy escribió:
> I absolutely agree, though, that we should be using open formats 
> whenever possible (the 'dogfood' principle [2])!! How can we expect 
> open formats to flourish if *we*, of all people, don't use them?
*Exactly*... I can understand that the proprietary programs may have 
features that the Open Source programs still don't (see the other 
discussion about SVG and CMYK support for printing or a suitable way to 
print SVGs), but it is also my belief that we should be encouraging the 
use of Open file formats and when a [needed] feature is not supported, 
see how to implement something similar or the same functionality to Open 
Source programs (or let the developers know, in the best Open Source 
spirit). And it usually is at times like these when we hit the brick 
wall and realize what has to still be done to fully be an alternative, 
currently a number of Linux distributions can be a viable alternative, 
but not yet a full alternative, and we're bound to not cover all 
possible areas, but at least the ones covered should be "flawless". And 
I'd like Fedora to be *the* alternative.

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