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Gian Paolo Mureddu gmureddu at
Sun May 28 19:20:16 UTC 2006

Máirín Duffy escribió:
> Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote:
>>> - For Windows it is not one simple download, run setup, and you're 
>>> good. You also have to install the GTK+ runtime environment *first*, 
>>> which just by its name is pretty intimidating for non-technical 
>>> users. In fact, it might be intimidating enough to be off-putting.
>> I hate to disagree with you, there are GIMP packages which include 
>> GTK and install it before The GIMP as such is installed, much like 
>> GAIM packages which include the GTK runtime or not, and you download 
>> accordingly.
> Can you provide a link?
Will have to look around as I'm sure there is one (a friend of mine 
installed this way), as I don't seem to see any at the official GIMP for 
Windows site,
>>> - For OS X it is even more complicated; you have to install fink or 
>>> ports (for dlcompa), and you have to install X11 before you can 
>>> install the GIMP. This is quite a bit of a PITA.
>>> There are plenty of great potential art contributors out there who 
>>> may not necessarily be technical enough to quickly / easily figure 
>>> out how to install the GIMP on their art development platform of 
>>> choice.
>>> I guess I'm just trying to say that things could be worse - the 
>>> artwork could be in a format that a FOSS program like the GIMP or 
>>> inkscape couldn't even open to view. And it may not be all that easy 
>>> for contributing artists to convert their stuff to open formats 
>>> before submitting.
>> I have strong doubts of these contributor artists promoting *FOSS* 
>> tools and OSes if they *don't* use such tools... seems just 
>> completely not right for some reason... It would be like creating 
>> Apple artwork on a Windows PC (or a Sun Solaris workstation, for that 
>> matter). Not that they couldn't, but there sure are ways to produce 
>> open formats even on such closed platforms, like GIMP selfcontained 
>> packages or Inkscape self contained packages.
> For vector art, I firmly believe Inkscape makes any proprietary vector 
> artwork creation program unnecessary. For bitmap-based art though.... 
> simple tasks take a lot longer in the GIMP. They seriously do. 
> Volunteers only have so much time as it is...
I have no experience with other graphics tools like Photoshop or Paint 
Shop Pro, so I can't say... To me working with The GIMP is "natural". As 
for the vector graphics, I couldn't agree more.
>>> If anybody would like to submit contributions in an open format but 
>>> are having trouble converting their work or aren't sure where to 
>>> start, feel free to send your stuff to me and I'll be happy to 
>>> convert it and I'll also help you get the GIMP / whatever installed.
>> Maybe these should be part of the guidelines/instructions too over at 
>> the artwork wikis? Not that helping fellow users is a bad thing, but 
>> for others that may be in the same situation, a central reference can 
>> prove to be more helpful for a lot of users, as opposed to help out 
>> on an individual basis.
> Sure, would you like to write it?
> ~m
Sure, though I don't have a Wiki account.

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