Providing patched DVDs to potential users

Thomas Chung tchung at
Wed May 31 00:44:18 UTC 2006

On 5/30/06, Rob Garth <rgarth at> wrote:
> A generic install of FC5 requires hundreds of megs of patches once
> installed, a particular frustration of mine, and I am sure it  doesn't
> leave a good taste in the mouth of people trying out Fedora for the
> first time.
> Whenever I give out Fedora DVD images now, I make sure they are built
> form an updated install tree and that the will require no - or minimal
> - patching after install.
> Why isn't there updated monthly releases of the FC iso images? I think
> there should be, and I think whenever a DVD is handed out to the
> general public it should be up to date.
> Any thoughts? (and apalogies if this is the wrong group to post to).
> Rob Garth.

Hi Rob,
You might want to contact "Robert 'Bob' Jensen" on that subject.
Thomas Chung

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