[Fedora-marketing-list] idea on explaining the mp3 question

Sam Folk-Williams samfw at redhat.com
Mon Oct 2 16:41:16 UTC 2006


I know this is an overly-discussed issue, but since I get so many
questions on it I wanted to run this idea past everyone. 

A common complaint I hear is that people think Fedora is "broken" when
it doesn't play MP3s. This leads to mailing list and forum traffic,
negative word-of-mouth exposure, and needless confusion. 

I think the problem is that when you try to play an MP3 file... nothing
happens at all or you get an ugly codec message -- both of these indeed
seem to indicate something is broken. Why not have a pop up that
explains why Fedora doesn't play MP3s and give a link to the wiki where
it is explained in further detail?

I could file an RFE on this.... I think it would cut down on the
confusion. Has this been previously discussed? Thoughts?

Sam Folk-Williams, RHCE
Global Support Services

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