[Ambassadors] Re: [Fedora-marketing-list] Fedora Core 6 Pre release review

Luya Tshimbalanga luya_tfz at thefinalzone.com
Sat Oct 7 04:00:19 UTC 2006

> - the icon theme is indeed outdated, VERY outdated and missing many icons

The new replacement is incomplete. Bluecurve has a tremendous amount of
icons to be replaced. We (Artwork team) intended to work on  as the new
FC6 theme is complete. If you are an artist, you are welcome to
contribute. We would like to further improve the whole look in future

> - fedora is the slowest Linux distro i've ever used! He is right to
bash on fedora like that, my Intel P4 1Ghz machine with Windoze XP Pro
boots in 7 seconds flat! while my Athon64 X2 3800 Dual Core boots Fedora
Core 5 in a few minutes!!! jesus! 

Windows XP design is tightly integrated with the kernel giving the
performance boost. However, the services are intentionaly disabled on
boot and will started after login as user. I personaly don't care about
booting performance.

> - the initial boot text is indeed ugly and geeky. We either have a
full graphical boot, from start to end or we don't have one. Right now
we are half and half, which looks very unfinished and ugly.

I (as Finalzone on that blog) pointed out these text are used for
debugging. As Rahul stated, quiet mode is intentionaly disabled for that
purpose. The mistake the author did is to compare the performance of a
test release with a final version.

> - Compiz was a fiasco as well. We've seen the videos from the Novel
presentation and what we have in fedora is just two effects (out of
20?). Ofcourse it didn't work at first (like it happened with the author
of the review) and even after i got it working i found too many bugs to
actualy keep it running (ctrl-fX keys wouldn't work, couldn't change
virtual desktops with ctrl-left arrow, etc).

The author didn't specify what driver he used to do the effect. His
laptop uses Nvidia videocard which means the effect won't work with open
source driver version because of its lack of 3D hardware acceleration.
He has corrected since then.

> - The fedora sound theme is indeed a joke... thank god its disabled by
default. The GDM beep is... well lets just say its better to be deaf
than hearing the PC speaker beep every time GDM loads.

We need audio effect artist which were not available since the existance
of Fedora Project. Feel free to make sound theme for Fedora Core so you
will be more musicians for the project in a long term. Contributing is
better than whining.


Luya Tshimbalanga
Fedora Project Contributor

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