[Fedora-marketing-list] Wave of end-user questions

Jeffrey Tadlock linux at elfshadow.net
Mon Oct 16 14:34:59 UTC 2006

Patrick W. Barnes wrote:
> Just preceding this message is the latest wave of end-user messages delivered 
> to info at fedoraproject.org.  These are usually simple end-user questions that 
> need simple answers.  RTFM-type messages are unacceptable, but if you feel 
> that you can answer some of these questions, please feel free to give it a 
> try.

Most of those were queued in the moderation queue?  It looks like
several of those were several days old.

> The info@ alias used to be pointed to the Fedora Ambassadors Steering 
> Committee, but that group decided that it could not handle these queries.  I 
> know that readers of this list may not like this solution, and I'm open to 
> other suggestions.  Here are some thoughts I've had for alternatives:

I would try to not make info@ handling too complicated.  To me the info@
alias would be more similar to an Information Desk.  It's not so
important the Information Desk know the exact answer your actual
question, but that they know where to redirect your question with a
reasonable degree of promptness where you can get an answer to your

There are several places to get help with Fedora technical issues
already - IRC, Fedora mailing list and http://fedoraforum.org/.  I would
lean towards responses like Alex made to the Fedora Compatibility
question.  She directed the person to a resource to help fill the
immediate need and then offered better forums for technical questions.

In the end the Fedora Users end up with better support in the long run
and most likely quicker response to questions if they post their
questions to the appropriate places.

Info@ can very politely thank them for their interest in Fedora, answer
the question if they can and help direct them to the resources available
to them.  If the question cannot be answered, then I think an
appropriate response is to ask them to submit their question to one of
the technical lists or forums promptly where they can most likely
receive help on their question.

Those are my thoughts....


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