[Fedora-marketing-list] Re: Ubuntu Release Party in Beijing, what about Fedora?

Leo sdl.web at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 00:51:44 UTC 2006

On Sun, 29/10/06, Thomas Canniot wrote:

>> Hellp Leo,
>> I want to underline two things: first Fedora is a community based 
>> project and it only sponsored by Red Hat and, second, in many cities and 
>> countries ambassadors organize event such as installation day etc... If 
>> you want to organize an event you can do it and you can request 
>> materials such as t-shirt and dvd (you have to be a marketing or 
>> ambassador member for this) compiling the form.
> Don't dream that much about having things from the project as easily as
> it seems to be told here.
> We made an install party yesterday, in Paris, and requested schwags for
> it a month or two before, and received nothing, not even any answer
> telling us "sorry, we can't". Mandriva, a company which has GREATER
> financial difficulties that RH in france, is making much more buzz and
> that less difficulties to give things to people. I say "things" and not
> "goodies" as they gave us (for free!) a router for an install party in
> Lille.
> About DVDs, when I asked for them, I was asked to make them on my own so
> as to be reimbursed. I send everything to famsco again and had NO answer

Feel sorry to hear this kind of stories.

There are other frustrations.

Speaking of installation, if I want to help someone install GNU/Linux,
I have much more confidence to go with Ubuntu than Fedora. For one
thing with Fedora I need 5 CDs (dont tell me about DVD it is not
available on some areas), the chance of getting a corrupted CD is much
much bigger. Secondly the installation has not been tested thoroughly
i.e. it failed in a lot of machines. For my own desktop, I actually
have to do a minimal FC5 install and then upgrade to FC6. It is very
dangerous to frustrate newcomers in their first try. They will never
come back to Fedora and try their every effort to persuade others to
go away. I feel very sorry for a friend in Philippines, I recommend
him to try FC. He managed to download the 5CDs with 60k/s to find out
it didn't install for him.

> What's next ? And we have, now, to rely on William Hoffman inside RH
> France to push everything forward. That is not acceptable, at all. I
> really hope and really count on Thomas Tchung to change things inside
> famsco.
> Just my 2 cents ....


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