[Fedora-marketing-list] Which Distro? Was - Ubuntu Release Party

Karlie Robinson karlie.robinson at fedoraproject.org
Mon Oct 30 08:25:40 UTC 2006

Leo wrote:
> You think 2CDs installation is barebone ...

Ok, so this isn't quite a Fedora Friendly but here goes...

As most of you know, I work with a lot of GNU/Linux developers and their 

As such, I'm always getting asked what distro would be the best for 

There are so many flavors, it's silly to think that one distro would fit 
every situation.  And you may have to get use to the fact that Fedora 
may not be the right fit every time.  As complete as Fedora is, it can't 
be everything for everyone.

As a Fedora Ambassador, it's expected that you'll find a fedora 
solution.  But if it is going to come down to giving someone a Fedora 
Solution that doesn't quite work or giving them a first time that has 
them singing in the GNU/Linux Choior, I would choose another distro.

It's like my 3 year old son.  Sometimes he just needs a nap.  There are 
times when he asks to go to his room to lay down.  Other days he is so 
tired and cranky, the last resort is tossing a pillow on the floor and 
turning on a DVD for him to watch.  Once he is sleeping I can move him 
to his bed.

Just as once someone is using linux it won't be as hard to move them 
over to Fedora.  You just need to let things work at their own pace.

I'm a broken record when I say that paying forward has it's rewards. 
The number one goal is to give someone a positive feeling about Fedora 
and Linux.

If someone is getting hooked on GNU/Linux from a Fedora Ambassador, 
that's going to come back to us.  (Stuff like that gets around)

My most often advised distros based on their core strength...

One disc install for a new user, *PCLinuxOS*
For a one-disc install for someone who only uses a computer for a few 
things like email, the web (and can barely do that) *SymphonyOS*
For Games, *Wolvix Games Edition* or the *SuperGamer*
For Education, *Freeduc*, or *Edubuntu*
For a server on Live CD - *SLAMPP* (think a full interactive web 
presentation on a live CD you could send to business clients, bandwidth 
not being an issue so you can really knock their socks off with graphics 
and sound)
For Live Media applications - *Dyne:Bolic* (hascii cam is way cool)
for Forensic exam of a computer system - *Helix*
Heck, there's even Beer-nix and a distro out there made just for finding 
porn online.  (It's probably ok that Fedora isn't known for that - lol)

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