Acer to release Ubuntu Linux laptops

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Thu Aug 2 02:37:13 UTC 2007

Marc Wiriadisastra wrote:
> Interesting and disappointing that both Dell and Acer release Ubuntu
> laptops.
> I would have hoped Fedora would gehavet more of a look in.

Unlikely. OEM's usually need a commercially supported product with less 
moving parts and longer lifecycle which is why Dell ships RHEL, SLES and 
Ubuntu (LTS) and not Fedora or even regular Ubuntu versions. Other 
vendors resell these under various names too.  System76 for example. I 
haven't checked what Acer is doing here but I also came across this

A growing Linux market is nevertheless good for all of us if they don't 
start putting in proprietary wedges in the name of getting things to 
work. While you can be slightly unhappy about the details (my chocolate 
wrapper in brown instead of blue), it is still important that we be 
supportive of these kind of efforts.


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