Acer to release Ubuntu Linux laptops

Karlie Robinson webpath at
Thu Aug 2 14:13:33 UTC 2007

Rahul Sundaram wrote:

 > While you can be slightly unhappy about the details (my chocolate 
wrapper in brown instead of blue), it is still important that we be 
supportive of these kind of efforts.


For the longest time it's always been Lin vs Win in our thinking when 
marketing Fedora.

I would think that now's a good time to begin tailoring our message a 
bit to play up the GNU/Linux to those just venturing away from Windows 
via Dell and now Acer.

The opportunity that presents itself is Infinite Choice.

If we stick with the candy analogy, there's more to life than just 
chocolate and we can inform new Linux users that they can behave like a 
kid in a candy shop.   There's White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, With 
Nuts etc.  Then there's everything else.  Caramels, Lolly Pops...  All 
they have to do is figure out what suits their taste.

With a live disc, they can sample any one they like without commitment.

I feel that the greater good is done by getting people to try Linux in 
whatever form it may take.

While for some that may not be Fedora, the point is to get enough people 
using Linux and let the people sort out which is their favorite. Without 
a doubt a certain percentage will find their way to Fedora.


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