Majority of Ubuntu community servers compromised, servers were using clear-text FTP ...

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Fri Aug 17 17:44:47 UTC 2007

First off, this is _not_ an anti-Ubuntu e-mail.  I not only and
regularly deal with supporting Ubuntu in corporate environments, but
I run Xubuntu on older hardware myself.

Secondly, a lot of commentary here has surrounded trying to reach
contributors.  There is a lot of complaints on everything from the
agreements to workflow, and the fact that sometimes (although not as
often anymore with APT/YUM being so commonplace) that contributors
bark about the security hoops.

Third, I have long commended how the Fedora Project (like Red Hat
Linux before it) has always addressed "what must be done, no
exceptions," even though many things lead to complaints.  Some things
just cannot budge, and no matter how you try to explain such things
to people, some just aren't going to care.

Fourth, as I have repeatedly stated, Conical will find itself in the
same positions as Red Hat has more and more.  Conical will address
those situations much like Red Hat, and suffer the same, misguided
but not so uncommon, "demonizations" as a result -- especially as it
becomes less and less "new" to people.

"Ubuntu Servers Hijacked, Used to Launch Attack",1895,2171318,00.asp  

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