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Davidson Rodrigues Paulo davidsonpaulo at
Tue Aug 21 21:14:06 UTC 2007

2007/8/21, Bryan J. Smith <b.j.smith at>:
> I said *IF* a GUI is to be built, it _should_ be a "wizard."  And
> that "wizard" is educational, not just a "cookbook" type of "generate
> me a keypair."  ;)

Education is a task for documentation, not software. When people
follow CLA instructions they need to be educated in PGP keys, not when
they are creating the keys.

I'm not talking about GUI building, wizards or user education. From the start:

* There is a GUI that works in a way it need to work, and it's so
"educational" than the CLI;

* Using GUI, we can sign a file, but it's not possible finish a CLA
validation signing the file this way because the file is signed as in
"gpg -b --sign [file]", and the Fedora Account System is configured to
recognized files signed as in "gpg -a --sign [file]";

* Making some modifications in the GUI that allow users to sign a file
in a way that is compatible with Fedora Account System will give them
a new way to create their CLA without modifying absolutely nothing in
the process (just in _one tool_ used to acomplish _two steps_ of the

Is that, nothing else.

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