Discontent with LiveContent

Jonathan Roberts jonathan.roberts.uk at googlemail.com
Mon Aug 27 19:50:46 UTC 2007

Earlier this year I'd produced a project with almost identical aims to
the CC Live CD, but being one guy (and am amateur at that) I haven't
had time or the ability to polish it. However, some people might find
it relevant to this discussion as some of the points that were
mentioned in the article I think I might have addressed.

The website, http://questionsplease.org/freeme/, is currently a touch
out of date as I've created a version 2 in the last month or two with
updated content and improved information about free culture etc.

I've uploaded to my server a copy of the info pages that are on the
disc, which auto-run from Windows and Ubuntu on version 2 (not Fedora,
though I have intended to make a Fedora version, I haven't been able
to figure it out yet!), describing the content and some of the
background to the project - so this features updated info compared to
what's on the currently downloadable version. So if you're interested,
download it and take a look at

I hope some people find this interesting, and perhaps if you think
this might address some of the issues the CC people are facing might
pass on the relevant information to them - I'd be quite willing to
help :D

Best wishes all,


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