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Wed Jun 20 19:10:51 UTC 2007

On Wed, 20 Jun 2007, Greg Dekoenigsberg wrote:

> But remember this: one of the the biggest reasons for opening ALL of the 
> production tools for F7 was to make it *as easy as possible* for people who 
> disagree with the "official" policy to build their own versions of Fedora.
> What does this mean?  It means that you, Rodrigo, can build your own version 
> of Fedora that *does not* include the pieces to which you object. And if you 
> submit this version for board approval as an "official" Fedora release, I'm 
> pretty sure you'd get it.
> But you have to do the work of maintaining it... and you have to deal with 
> the complaints when other people don't agree with *your* policies.  :)

In fact... and sorry to expand on my own point...

This is, in fact, an *extremely important freedom* that we're talking 
about here.  I've been in the Fedora leadership for a long time now, and 
we've made decisions that even *I* disagree with.

For what it's worth, I will *encourage* people to make their own versions 
of Fedora that adhere to *their* standards of what Fedora should and 
shouldn't be.  And we let the Marketplace of Users decide.


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