Marketing Meeting IRC Log - 2008-04-17

Jeffrey Tadlock linux at
Sat Apr 19 02:17:30 UTC 2008

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Raw log below:

15:03 < quaid> yes, there is a meeting today
15:07 < stickster> Well, no time like the present.
15:08 < stickster>
15:08  * quaid was building a Dagwood, sorry
15:08 < stickster> Our marketing maestro isn't here, he's in Brazil.
15:08 < quaid> oh la di da for they
15:08 < stickster> And, I assume, disconnected, inebriated, or trapped
under something very heavy.
15:09 < quaid> shall we roll down the list then?
15:10 < quaid>
15:10 < stickster> Yes
15:10 < stickster> So... we haven't received many additional stories
following gregdek_gone's digg.
15:11 < stickster> One or two at most.
15:11 < quaid> more blogging?
15:11 < stickster> I have several that are interesting and I've
started contacting the posters for more information.
15:11 < quaid> more ask-yer-local-LUG?
15:12 < stickster> Sure, we can carpet-bomb the planet some more
15:13  * stickster looking up digg for count
15:13 < stickster> 194?  Is that it?
15:13  * stickster wonders why every single Red Hat employee is not
digging stories.
15:14 < iWolf> we have horrible luck at getting things up high on Digg.
15:14 < stickster> Oh wait...
15:14 < stickster> more stories on that page now!
15:14 < quaid> with one exception
15:14 < stickster> :-D
15:14 < stickster> Mainly they're all "I love using Fedora."
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15:14 < stickster> Never mind then.
15:15 < stickster> Let's move on from here, with the action item being
"Paul to remind people to give up the stories."
15:15 < quaid> word
15:15 < quaid> that would make it 'talk bubbles'
15:17 < quaid> mizmo: one presumes you'll take some iterations to
f-marketing-l when you get them
15:18 < quaid> one also presumes mizmo is unavailable
15:18 < stickster> heh
15:19 < quaid> well, when there are enough stories to start with? save
naggin' 'til then
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15:21 < tw2113> well attended meeting
15:21 < quaid> heh
15:21 -!- kushal [n=kd at] has joined #fedora-mktg
15:21 < quaid> well announced, too
15:21 < quaid> moving along
15:21 < quaid> "12:21 < tw2113> well attended meeting
15:21 < kushal> !
15:21 < quaid> oops, wrong paste
15:21 < quaid> Combo demo/interviews for cool F9 features
15:22 < quaid> Mr stickster ?
15:22 < kushal> I have one question ? (my system did a reboot :(    )
15:23 < quaid> kushal: yes?
15:24 < kushal> quaid, in fedora stories, can Bijra project story do ?
15:24 < quaid> I don't know the details of that one, but ....
15:24 < stickster> kushal: Please post it to my blog
15:24 < stickster> kushal: It can't hurt.
15:24 < kushal> stickster, ok :)
15:24 < quaid> there ya go
15:25 < quaid> oh, stickster's blog is the page to look at, that's right
15:25 < stickster> quaid: I've pretty much covered this item above.
15:25 < stickster> i.e. contacting authors back for details
15:27 < quaid> ok
15:27 < quaid> "F9 Ambassador Word of Mouth campaigh" (sic)
15:28 < quaid> is that like a Gaelic 'campaign'?
15:28 < kushal> stickster, is the correct
link ? (
15:28 < stickster> quaid: So far the spinal research, the robot soccer
team, and the community Linux install are the best
15:28 < stickster> kushal: yes
15:28 < stickster> quaid: that needs fixing and an update, want me to edit?
15:29 < quaid> k
15:29 < quaid> are we on that topic or ... ?
15:29 < stickster> Mr. Fugolini isn't here to update...
15:29 < stickster> *sigh
15:30 < quaid> ah, ok
15:30 < quaid> moving on then ...
15:30 < quaid> "Compiling a list of Linux publications"  -- OPEN
15:30 < quaid> sounds like someone just needs to start an onlist
discussion then see it commuted to the wiki
15:31 < quaid> or is there more to this task?
15:31 < rharrison> Yeah, sounds like a simple wiki page to me.
15:31  * quaid thinks indepedent research is good, but so is the power
of the lazy web
15:31 < quaid> anyone here would like to do an easy and useful task?
15:32 < quaid> easy and useful tasks are the bread and butter of kids
like me :) ... it's how we get a reputation!
15:33 < stickster> Yeah, we also would like to get *circulation
numbers* for them
15:33 < quaid> if not, I'll start the thread on the list and ask
someone to roll with it ...
15:33 < stickster> So once you have the list, usually each mag has an
online contact for the circ. department
15:33 < stickster> You can then request these numbers from them, since
they publish it anyway.
15:34 < stickster> rharrison: Interested in doing this?
15:34 < rharrison> Just taking the responses to the email thread and
pasting to the wiki?
15:34  * rharrison is verifying the task
15:34 < quaid> and getting circulation #s
15:35 < rharrison> Yeah, it'll be good motivation to keep me caught up
on my email
15:35 < stickster> rharrison: I think this would be gathering the
magazine names and circ using Google as your guide, and supplementing
that with any email thread info.
15:35 < stickster> There's a lot you could find on the web, I'd bet.
15:36 < rharrison> yeah, the amazon link someone posted last week is
probably the best place to start
15:37 < stickster> OK, rharrison will be responsible for putting this together.
15:37 < quaid> one other thing ... we can include a field for
contacts, since many of us know people now at the various publications
15:37 < stickster> rharrison: You think a week would be enough time for this?
15:37 < stickster> quaid: Oh, good call!
15:38 < rharrison> yeah, I'll at least have the big names in a week.
15:38 < quaid> rharrison: you can start the email thread, too, ja?
15:38  * quaid will reply with what he has and who he knows :)
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(Connection timed out)]
15:39 < stickster> woo1
15:39 < quaid> ok, roll on?
15:40  * quaid is going to have to bail in ~5 min
15:40 < rharrison> k, /Marketing/PressContacts sound like a good place?
15:40 < quaid> and maybe /Marketing/Publications?
15:41 < stickster> Sure
15:41 < stickster> or
15:41 < stickster> Marketing/Press/Publications and Marketing/Press/Contacts
15:41 < stickster> Easier to link and agg
15:41 < quaid> ah, there
15:41 < rharrison> I would think that would be about publications we
work on.  Meh, wiki pages can be moved.
15:41 < quaid> wiki rule #172: "When in doubt, use a / "
15:41 < stickster> quaid: There's a Marketing/Press already too
15:42 < stickster> Ah, that's the ticket.
15:42 < stickster> At least, see if that page suffices.
15:42 < quaid> would you mind ...
15:42 < stickster> I'll do it :-)
15:43 < quaid> if we jumped to the end so i can help give status there
before I vaporize?
15:43 < quaid> last four items on /Tasks
15:43 -!- TitaX [n=titax at fedora/TitaX] has joined #fedora-mktg
15:43 < quaid> < stickster> wtf? how did I get those assigned to me??!!?
15:43 < stickster> hahaha
15:44 < quaid> stickster: is that a fair assessment of what we need
you and Max to do?
15:44 < quaid> and I should remove gdk from that list so he isn't
overly overrepresented, and you promise to kick him from the room and
not help and go have a nap instead?
15:44 < stickster> Max and I are going to be hitting this hard on
Monday first thing.
15:44 < quaid> you wtf the press kit is?
15:45 < quaid> I think of it as a single page to hit e.g. wiki/Press
or fp.o/press
15:45 < stickster> Nope, but we will hammer it out.
15:45 < quaid> that has base content and links to all appropriate places
15:45 < quaid> ok
15:45 < stickster> Talking points first.
15:45 < quaid> word there
15:45 < stickster> Press release flows from that.
15:45 < stickster> (partly drafted already, we'll likely critique what
RH Marketing has done.)
15:45 < quaid> from that I'll update the 'Local Release Announcement'
process and source material
15:45 < stickster> by which I mean, *they* have partially drafted it.
15:45 < stickster> maybe completely at this point.
15:46 < quaid> for the en_UK version (which will grudingly accept in
en_US), our own jonrob has agreed to write the whimsical release
15:46 < stickster> I have a few ideas on what a Press Kit might
consist of, but we'll deal in details starting on Monday.
15:46  * quaid wanted to put jonrob on the spot on the permanent record
15:46 < stickster> the word "quid" better be in there somehwer.e
15:46 < quaid> logbots, got that?!?
15:46  * stickster fires his typist.
15:46 < quaid> I like "fiver"
15:47 < quaid> oh, and last of the list item to run over ...
15:47 < quaid> the SSS itself
15:47 < quaid> in Docs yesterday we decided we had done as much this
release as we could
15:47 < quaid> things are going on anyway, etc.
15:48 < quaid> we made progress but didn't get the system in place in
time, lesson learned
15:48 < quaid> so we'll not try to do too much cleverness at this
point, just use the gathered content, modify as we go, and clean-up
just after F9 release
15:48 < stickster> quaid: Some of this *might* flow from me and Max.
15:48  * quaid has already noted that in the shed-yool
15:49 < stickster> Really what it needs is a few hours where we can
ditch some of the other BS going on and just concentrate on the
marketing stuff.
15:49 < quaid> stickster: hey, if you guys get all hot-on-the-ball, go for it
15:49 < quaid> if you do that though ...
15:49 < stickster> Nobody hold your breath, but we do tend to GTD
pretty well when we do f2f
15:49 < quaid> try to pull in someone like choke; even if it means
after hours a bit
15:49 < quaid> share that wiki editing love, too
15:50 < stickster> Absolutely, there will be other folks there too
15:50 < quaid> ok, them's my points
15:50 < stickster> That's the main reason I'm going to RDU -- to work
directly with the CorpMarketing folks
15:50  * quaid jets
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15:52 < stickster> Bye quaid

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