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Greg DeKoenigsberg gdk at redhat.com
Fri Apr 25 14:46:18 UTC 2008

On Fri, 25 Apr 2008, Juan M. Rodriguez wrote:

>> - Give Fedora to each other
>> - Be Fedora to each other

Very Bill and Ted.  :)

>> - Fedora, not another ball and chain
>> - I'd like the Fedora OS, hold the proprietary. That'll be $0.00, please
>> download ahead (think of this one in the sense of fast food drive thru)
>> - Fedora: Open 24/7/365
>> - Blimey, they just left this Fedora booty out here in the open. Arr Matey!
>> - All FOSS and NO proprietary don't make Fedora a dull OS
>> - Fedora, the other OS
>> - Ninja Fedora always gets what he's doing, seen
>> - Fedora #, one step closer to World Domination (insert Fedora version #
>> for whichever we're at, at the time)
>> - Fedora, not another closed OS
>> - Blue: a color of freedom
>> - Fedora, powering robots since 2007

Awesome.  :)

>> - Fedora, fighting robots since 2007
>> - Use the Fedora, _____ (insert name)
>> - I'z in your OS, opening your source (think LOLCats)


>> - I love the smell of FOSS in the morning
>> - Fedora + FOSS = BFF
>> - Trying to lose that proprietary weight? Slim down with Fedora, 100% FOSS.

Some more mundane ones, but on message, so useful:

Fedora: the best of free software
Fedora: first in features and freedom

And some truly crazy stuff:

Fedora: nothin' but a beta for CentOS
Fedora: when you're ready to wear your big boy pants
Real Spacemen use Fedora (with a subtly altered NASA logo, heh)
Fedora: when your hovercraft is full of eels


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