IRC Log of FAmSCo Meeting - 28 Apr 2008

Francesco Ugolini fugolini at
Tue Apr 29 13:01:37 UTC 2008

Thank you!

2008/4/28 John Babich <jmbabich at>:
> <fugolini> Please roll call
>  <fugolini> FrancescoUgolini
>  <AndreasR> AndreasRau
>  <jmbuser> JohnBabich
>  <MrTom> ThomasCanniot
>  <iWolf> JeffreyTadlock
>  <fugolini> ok, we can start
>  <fugolini> today agenda is:
>  <fugolini> 1. Ambassadors Budget
>  <fugolini> 2. Wiki status
>  <fugolini> 3. Local groups status
>  <fugolini> First topic
>  <fugolini> i think we can start with the rlease
>  <fugolini> events discussion
>  <fugolini> if you take a look at the event page
>  <fugolini> at least 8 events (please count it on your own)
>  <fugolini> actually in Italy there are 2 more events that are in the
>  <fugolini> *in a pending status
>  <fugolini> just wait april 30th
>  <fugolini> Max, moreover said that the deadline is May 1st
>  <fugolini> due to the beginning of the next fiscal quarter
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>  <fugolini> I invite who has a planned event to report it in the wiki
>  <spevack> MaxSpevack is here
>  <fugolini> and if he need help ask in the list
>  <iWolf> !
>  <MrTom> !
>  <fugolini> We have planned a cost of 1000$
>  <fugolini> ok, i'll stop now
>  <fugolini> iWolf:
>  <iWolf> in regards to the release events, I would like to begin
>  contacting the event owner for the release event to offer the $100USD
>  that Max is ready to send them.
>  <fugolini> ah, just a mistake, it's not the end of the quarter
>  <iWolf> eof
>  <fugolini> iWolf: yes, the main problem is that there are other events
>  in pending status
>  <fugolini> i think we could start asking for the payment method
>  <spevack> fugolini: the Release Events and next quarter's budget are
>  two different things
>  <iWolf> i thought we were just taking the first 10?
>  <fugolini> in fact
>  <fugolini> i notice this
>  <fugolini> i've done a mistake and i say this
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>  <fugolini> iWolf: we have 2 slots free
>  <spevack> i see 8 release events
>  <spevack> on the FedoraEvents page
>  <spevack> The North American ones will be very easy to fund
>  <spevack> we can probably use PayPal for everyone
>  <spevack> or just send a check
>  <iWolf> right, but I don't want to penalize the ones ready for money
>  while we wait for the other 2
>  <fugolini> so, just wait two days, we are trying to organize two more events
>  <spevack> The one in Greece will also be easy
>  <spevack> because I can just pay Dimitris back when I see him at LinuxTag
>  <spevack> my concern is getting money for the Italy release party and
>  for the Bangladesh release party. $100 USD is a small amount, the fees
>  to transfer that via a bank wire are almost as much as the money
>  itself is...
>  <iWolf> spevack: so do you want to handle sending the money? and skip
>  the contact the event owner step to see things are still a go for
>  them?
>  <spevack> iWolf: well, I'm thinking that I can email the owners of the
>  various events, ask them if it's still a go, and start by asking for a
>  PayPal address.
>  <spevack> iWolf: we'll see how far that gets us
>  <spevack> iWolf: because we can handle that this week.
>  <spevack> what do you think?
>  <iWolf> spevack: sounds good, i wanted to clarify if you needed me to
>  do that or if you were going to.
>  <fugolini> spevack: i just reaplied to your mail
>  <iWolf> spevack: sounds great to me.
>  <spevack> iWolf: i can do it, and i'll cc you just so there's one
>  other person in the loop
>  <fugolini> have you seen it?
>  <spevack> fugolini: looking now
>  <iWolf> spevack: thanks!
>  <MrTom> !
>  <fugolini> spevack: can you cc the famsco
>  <fugolini> just because i think it has to be clear
>  <fugolini> MrTom:
>  <spevack> fugolini: sure
>  * kital (n=Joerg_Si at fedora/kital) has joined #fedora-meeting
>  <MrTom> we are in france doing our best to have a date before the 1st
>  of May, but i'm not sure this is likely to happen (having the date
>  before the deadline mean)
>  <MrTom> we are likely to have the install party be runned the 21 of..
>  June, which is quite late
>  <MrTom> but there are 3 organisations synching their agendas for the
>  event to happen
>  <MrTom> that's quite difficult to handle :p
>  <MrTom> eof
>  <fugolini> ok
>  <fugolini> ok
>  <fugolini> iWolf: you can just contact the event owner
>  <fugolini> but we have to remember there are 2 open slots
>  <iWolf> fugolini: spevack is going to handle that as a way of getting
>  the ball rolling to send out the money.
>  <fugolini> ok
>  <fugolini> Have you other questions/concern
>  <fugolini> ?
>  <MrTom> !
>  <fugolini> MrTom:
>  <spevack> MrTom: I'm not too worried about a Release Party for $100.
>  The May 1 deadline is important for larger events that will want $500,
>  $100, or more
>  <MrTom> spevack well having already 100$ for this IP would be very
>  well seen here
>  <MrTom> moreover our organisation would be able to fullfil the lack of
>  money we would need to create cd localy
>  <MrTom> eof
>  <fugolini> you can add it in the june event list
>  <MrTom> thansk spevack fugolini
>  <fugolini> and you will able to ask for the money you need for it
>  <fugolini> the 100$ is for the Release Parties, but it's the propel to
>  invite people to organize those ones
>  <fugolini> for the next events there is the standard budget
>  <fugolini> eof
>  <fugolini> so, next issue?
>  <fugolini> ok
>  <fugolini> next issue: 2. Wiki status
>  <fugolini> I had problems with the wiki (pages are really slow to see)
>  <fugolini> and it created a lot of problem for my work on some wiki pages
>  <fugolini> i don't know if is my Service provider or just the server
>  <fugolini> but i think the work is near to be completed
>  <fugolini> have you qestions/concerns?
>  <fugolini> ok, we can skip this issue
>  <fugolini> 3. Local groups status
>  <fugolini> The aim of this section is to get updates from the local groups
>  <fugolini> I don't want to list all the events, because i know i could annoy you
>  <fugolini> so i prefer to have a open discussion
>  <fugolini> EMEA
>  <fugolini> Updates?
>  <fugolini> North America
>  <fugolini> Updates?
>  <fugolini> South America
>  <fugolini> Updates?
>  <iWolf> For North America it looks like we have several release
>  parties, so that's good.
>  <iWolf> We've also has some more activity on the AMbassadors list from
>  N.A. as well.
>  <fugolini> News from weekly meetings?
>  <spevack> Jesse Keating was at LinuxFest northwest this past weekend.
>  His event report will be coming soon.
>  <iWolf> I would like to get a more organized North America meeting established .
>  <iWolf> I've been waiting on some of the release party activity to
>  slow down so I can dedicate some cycles to that.
>  <fugolini> great!
>  <fugolini> Have you special requests from NA?
>  <iWolf> no special requests that I am aware of.
>  <fugolini> ok
>  <fugolini> Asia, India, Australia
>  <fugolini> Updates?
>  <fugolini> i've heard about an irc meeting
>  <fugolini> have you news about it?
>  <iWolf> APAC had a weekly meeting a little over a week ago.
>  <iWolf> I attended and it seemed to go well.
>  <fugolini> Special requests?
>  <fugolini> or better, something that FAmSCo need to know?
>  <spevack> I don't have much insight into APAC right now. HarishPillay
>  is a Red Hatter who is working to bring some community work together
>  there. Our biggest plan for APAC is to have a FUDCon there at the same
>  time as Linux Conf australia next year in January
>  <iWolf> mainly just getting organized and I reviewed the process of
>  making sure to add their events to the Fedora Event page in order to
>  get access to budgeted money.
>  <spevack> In India, we are working on getting them stronger community support
>  <fugolini> that's important
>  <spevack> internally to Red Hat, my boss -- Michael Chen -- is trying
>  to find extra money in the budget that can be used by Red Hat India to
>  support Fedora and community
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>  <spevack> So I'll let you guys know how that goes -- that's a little
>  bit separate from FAMSCo, but it's money that might end up being used
>  by guys like Kuahal Das, Rahul Sundaram, Sankarshan, etc.
>  <fugolini> great
>  <iWolf> good! I am sure they will appreciate that.
>  <jmbuser> +1
>  <AndreasR> +1
>  <spevack> As far as South America goes, FAMSco will continue to fund
>  them. Rodrigo Padul has asked for $700 for another show in Brazil. I
>  believe that we should give him that, and also I have asked him what
>  he anticipates the next few months looking like
>  <spevack> there are 3 events listed on the Fedora Events page between
>  now and the end of August.
>  <spevack> So if Rodrigo needs somewhere around $700 for each, I think
>  that is very much within our budget, as Brazil is where most of our
>  support for South America is seen.
>  <spevack> in short... I think that we are doing a pretty good job of
>  giving opportunity and funding to folks globally, so I think we just
>  need to keep paying attention to what is going on
>  <spevack> EOF
>  <fugolini> actually the reports we received were great
>  <fugolini> you can saw those in the list and in Fedora Planet
>  <fugolini> i think we have a big amount of datas for the events sposored
>  <fugolini> Any other questions?
>  <fugolini> Just another word
>  <fugolini> If all agree i think Monday could be a good day for weekly meetings
>  <fugolini> isn't it?
>  <AndreasR> !
>  <iWolf> Monday is fine with me.
>  <fugolini> AndreasR:
>  <AndreasR> yep.. much more better
>  <AndreasR> eof
>  <spevack> I am fine with either, but I do prefer Monday!
>  <jmbuser> Monday is good, but perhaps we can meet 1 hour earlier
>  <jmbuser> eof
>  <AndreasR> +1
>  <fugolini> jmbuser: +1
>  <spevack> +1 also.
>  <fugolini> so
>  <fugolini> with a great majority Monday is the new meeting date
>  <fugolini> *day
>  <spevack> Monday 15:00 UTC
>  <spevack> er, sorry...
>  <spevack> Monday 19:00 UTC
>  <jmbuser> +1 and thanks
>  <spevack> is that right, francesco? 19:00 UTC
>  <fugolini> yes
>  <AndreasR> +1 ; I agree
>  <spevack> great
>  <fugolini> ok, i think we can adjourn the meeting
>  <fugolini> 3
>  <fugolini> 2
>  <fugolini> 1
>  <fugolini> == meeting adjourned ==
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