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+1 for Jon!

On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 10:13 PM, Jonathan Roberts <jonrob at fedoraproject.org>

> I haven't sent this yet as I'd rather get other people's thoughts too,
> and I'm sure some are able to be far more accurate than I am!
> best wishes
> Jon
> ------------------------
> I just read this article and was disappointed to discover that you
> seem to have severely mis-represented the Fedora Project. If I can
> take a few moments of your time, I'd like to advise you of the
> specific points in the story where you've been mistaken, and also to
> invite you to start a dialogue with the Fedora Project by contacting
> us on press AT fedoraproject DOT   org to avoid making the same in the
> future.
> "...Red Hat has a preview of an upcoming Fedora Development release,
> Version 9..."
> Firstly, Fedora is not a Red Hat product but a community maintained
> distribution of which the majority of packages (over 60%) are
> maintained by non-Red Hat employees. Secondly, Fedora is not a
> development release in anyway, but a stable system that showcases the
> latest free and open source software. It's true to say, on the other
> hand, that Fedora is an innovative distribution that leads the way in
> the adoption and development of a lot of new technologies, feeding
> back all improvements and changes we make up-stream for the benefit of
> all.
> "Fedora 8 is the currently available development release, which got
> underway in April 2007 and which was launched last November. A lot of
> the code that was hammered out in that Fedora 8 development release is
> winding its way toward Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2"
> Again, any final release of Fedora such as version 8 is not a
> development release. A lot of the code from that release is making
> it's way into RHEL 5.2, but you know what else, it's making it's way
> into all other GNU/Linux distributions too including Ubuntu, Debian
> and openSUSE. This is because we push our developments to the upstream
> communities, which other distributions then base their own work
> around.
> "Remember, the Fedora 9 preview is just that--a preview--and is not
> even to be considered beta code yet and hence is not appropriate for
> anything close to production environments."
> I feel like I'm repeating myself, but Fedora 9 will not be a
> development release, and you're mis-representing the facts by
> suggesting that the preview release is not even to be considered beta
> software. The preview release is very close to what the final release
> will be, and is where a huge number of bugs will be squashed to make
> sure that the final release is on a par in terms of stability as well
> as features with any other distribution.
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