Fedora and "Red Hat Enterprise Linux"

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I agree with Rahul -- we need to frame this in a more positive tone.  I 
think scheduling a phone call with Paul and the journalist would be a 
more effective vehicle.  We could clear up any incorrect details and 
continue to build a good relationship with this journalist....all 
leading to positive (and accurate) coverage of Fedora in the future.

I'm offering up my help in scheduling this call. 


Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Jonathan Roberts wrote:
> -- 
> [I would suggest starting out with a more positive tone. The website 
> has been covering Fedora releases consistently and that press is a 
> good thing even  if do get some details wrong]
>> "...Red Hat has a preview of an upcoming Fedora Development release,
>> Version 9..."
>> Firstly, Fedora is not a Red Hat product but a community maintained
>> distribution of which the majority of packages (over 60%) are
>> maintained by non-Red Hat employees.
> Throw in a link to https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Statistics
>> "Fedora 8 is the currently available development release, which got
>> underway in April 2007 and which was launched last November. A lot of
>> the code that was hammered out in that Fedora 8 development release is
>> winding its way toward Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2"
> The amount of actual code that flowed from Fedora 8 to RHEL 5.2 is 
> pretty minor but the highlight that code flows to everywhere from 
> upstream is a good point too.
>> I feel like I'm repeating myself, but Fedora 9 will not be a
>> development release, and you're mis-representing the facts by
>> suggesting that the preview release is not even to be considered beta
>> software. The preview release is very close to what the final release
>> will be, and is where a huge number of bugs will be squashed to make
>> sure that the final release is on a par in terms of stability as well
>> as features with any other distribution.
> This can be reworded as "Fedora 9 preview release follows the Fedora 9 
> Beta release as you can see from the release schedule at 
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/9/Schedule and as indicated in 
> the announcement is close to the general release of Fedora. We 
> appreciate your corrections to this article and feel free to get back 
> to us on any additional information or clarifications you might want 
> about Fedora 9 in particular and Fedora Project in general.
> Rahul

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