I still want a Fedora coffee table book, and you are going to help me make one.

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Man, now I wish I could go to FUDCon!!  There's a slight chance I'll be able
to get work to send me, but the economy's got budgets really tight.  And
I've got a meeting on Thursday that will take up half the day, so I won't be
able to make it to the marketing meeting.
Added original proposal text to the wiki page.

On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 5:32 AM, Jack Aboutboul <jaa at redhat.com> wrote:

> Hello Lisa,
> Welcome to the team and thanks for all the awesome input and feedback.  I
> propose that we go ahead with the idea, moving swiftly.  I will be at FUDCon
> as will Colby (RH A/V Guru) and we can begin taking pictures and video/audio
> there as well.
> Right now, I have set up a blank wiki page so we can start aggregating
> everything around this effort.  It can be found here:
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/Fedora_Picture_Book
> Lisa, can you please post up what you have in this email on that page.
>  Also, are you available to attend the marketing meeting this Thursday at 3
> Eastern, 12 Pacific?
> I think the first step is to get pricing from somewhere, and according to
> that figure out how many pages the book should be.  Ideally, I would think
> we should aim for 200 pages.  What do y'all think?
> Thanks,
> Jack
> Lisa Brewster wrote:
>> My apologies for hijacking this thread with multiple posts, but I started
>> brainstorming on my way home from work and wasn't able to stop until I wrote
>> all my thoughts down.  Questions / discussion points are in brackets.
>>  Provided this idea generates some halfway creative submissions, I see it
>> turning into a great grassroots marketing campaign.
>> Fedora:  The Book
>> Objectives
>> Driven by the Fedora Ambassadors, the goal of this photo project is to
>> communicate what Fedora means to us and our communities.  Images should show
>> a Fedora user holding an object that symbolizes how the software empowers
>> him or her in the Fedora principles of infinity, freedom, or voice [is
>> principles the right word to use here?].  Submissions should include a short
>> description (250-500 words) of how the subject uses the software and how
>> this photo demonstrates one of the principles.
>> Photographers are open to interpret this theme as concretely or abstractly
>> as they like.  For example, you could choose to photograph something as
>> straightforward as a teacher you encouraged to use Fedora in the classroom
>> holding an apple with a Fedora sticker on it, or you could have someone
>> photograph you holding a personal item that symbolizes what inspired you to
>> join the project. Feel free to brainstorm for whimsical ideas as well, such
>> as a developer covered in peanuts (because you have to be "nuts" to work for
>> free, right?).  Group photos are also acceptable, such as a group of
>> ambassadors holding stacks of livecds to be distributed or XO's in the wild.
>> One photo per week will be posted on $website.  Once enough submissions
>> are collected [one year's worth = 52?], selected photos will be published in
>> a collectable book available for purchase.  All proceeds will be donated to
>> $cause.
>> Requirements
>> Images should be of high quality and at least $x-resolution by
>> $y-resolution.  You don't have to be a professional photographer, but
>> composition, focus, and lighting are vital to communicating a strong
>> message.  If in doubt of your photography skills, feel free to ask a friend
>> or post your idea to $mailinglist to see if we can find someone in your area
>> who's willing to help [maintain a wiki page for volunteer photographers?].
>> Images must contain at least one person holding an object.  The criteria
>> defining both person and holding is flexible and could incorporate using
>> hands, feet, or items resting on the body of people, robots, statues,
>> animals, or other creative interpretations as long as it applies to Fedora
>> and you can explain how it demonstrates infinity, freedom, or voice.  The
>> subject's face does not have to be visible.  [Legal:  do we need model
>> release forms?]
>> Images must be licensed in a manner that allows derivative works [and
>> commercial?  Not sure what's required for "proceeds go to charity" use].
>>  The Fedora logo and editorial text based on your description will be
>> superimposed on the image, and it may be adjusted for color, brightness,
>> contrast, etc. [Legal:  what else is needed here?]
>> Inspiration
>> Want to contribute to The Book but aren't sure where to begin?  Read over
>> the following list of power words to see if any experiences of how you've
>> enriched someone's life because of Fedora come to mind:
>>    * success stories
>>    * empowerment
>>    * pride
>>    * culture
>>    * diversity
>>    * strength
>>    * knowledge
>>    * community
>>    * extraordinary people
>>    * solutions
>>    * freedom
>>    * sharing
>>    * adoption
>>    * innovation
>>    * contribution
>> On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 10:58 PM, Lisa Brewster <sophistechate at gmail.com<mailto:
>> sophistechate at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>    D'oh, this is the marketing list.  There are so many projects and
>>    ideas and excited people that I'm having trouble keeping up with
>>    everything that's going on!  But yeah...new ambassador, noob
>>    mistake, nice to meet you, etc etc etc.  =]
>>    On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 10:51 PM, Lisa Brewster
>>    <sophistechate at gmail.com <mailto:sophistechate at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>        I love this idea!  But instead of using a specific item across
>>        all photos, I think it would be great to embrace the vast
>>        number of cultures involved in Fedora and let each person pick
>>        something unique that symbolizes their contribution or what
>>        Fedora means to their community.  This is a great project that
>>        can evolve over time through a photoblog, and once enough
>>        submissions are gathered we could look at different publishing
>>        options.
>>        I suggest establishing some kind of guidelines to establish
>>        visual unity (or at least an unobtrusive watermark for photos
>>        used on the web).  Anyone else wanna pick up the brainstorming
>>        stick here?
>>        As a photographer willing to travel in the Southern California
>>        area, I'm in!
>>        PS:  This is also my first contribution to the ambassadors'
>>        mailing list.  Hi!
>>        2008/12/15 Ian Weller <ianweller at gmail.com
>>        <mailto:ianweller at gmail.com>>
>>            <braindump>
>>            An entire release ago (6 months) Jeff Spaleta made the
>>            proposal to this
>>            list[1] for Fedora to produce a (virtual?) coffee table
>>            book containing
>>            candid pictures of Fedora contributors all holding a
>>            specific trinket
>>            that could represent what the community stands for
>>            (perhaps something as
>>            simple as a Fedora logo) -- or with speech bubbles
>>            containing a single
>>            word that the contributor thinks encompasses the
>>            purpose/meaning/whatever of Fedora in their native language.
>>            Seeing how we're coming up upon a major NA FUDCon, with an
>>            EMEA FUDCon
>>            around the corner (... right?) should we make an attempt
>>            to start this
>>            concept back up again?
>>            It'd be nice to be able to sell a physical book and donate
>>            the proceeds
>>            to OLPC or something. (Not sure if this is even viable
>>            because of the
>>            high number of Fedora contributors[2].)
>>            The key things that need to be done to get this rolling
>>            again are
>>            1) decide on a trinket (or something else to tie the whole
>>            production
>>              together, i.e., speech bubbles)
>>            2) start taking photos at FUDConF11[3]
>>            Other brain dumps or thoughts to follow?
>>            </braindump>
>>            [1]:
>> http://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-marketing-list/2008-May/msg00315.html
>>            [2]: Not that I'm saying this isn't good!
>>            [3]: We can't limit this to attendees of FUDConF11, of course.
>>            --
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>>            doesn't work yet."
>>             ~ Douglas Adams
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