I still want a Fedora coffee table book, and you are going to help me make one.

Colby Hoke choke at redhat.com
Thu Dec 18 19:21:01 UTC 2008

Ian Weller wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 04:21:27PM -0500, Jack Aboutboul wrote:
>> Well both.  We will brainstorm on IRC and then hopefully to help get  
>> some artistic perspective at FUDCon.
> Artistic perspective can also be achieved in #fedora-art or on
> fedora-art-list ;)
>> I think planning will go on in phases based on what point we are at, so  
>> FUDCon might be phase 2, which is beyond initial planning.
> Might be good to plan this out, and take into account other FUDCons.
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Picture_book
I'm down for meeting whenever, wherever. Also, I should be there 
Thursday- most of the day. I'm most-likely going to be traveling with 
GDK in the van-o-fun.

Feel free to email me directly to do some thinking - I'm super busy 
right now and don't get to check all my lists as often as I would like!

Colby Alexander Hoke

Brand Communications + Design
[ Producer ]


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