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Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at nicubunu.ro
Mon Dec 22 09:21:27 UTC 2008

Doug Berry wrote:
> Apparently we do not need to enhance them
> passed say 300 dpi and not the higher figures
> I have been quoting. And 300 dpi is nothing,
> you could probably enhance most web graphics
> to that and they would be okay.

Not quite web graphics, the web graphics are still focused on 1024x768 
displays, which is under 1 Megapixel. But 1600x1200 (2MP) is not that far.

> 300 dpi may well be obtainable with the
> typical digital camera. So that means most
> of the photos we get will be usable. Of course,
> in a way, that may present additional problems:
> we may get swamped.

This is why I asked originally about how we plan to make a selection.

> So, tell you what. It Xmas week next week.
> everyone will be out this weekend, in the
> malls. Wander into Borders or Barnes and
> look at some of the photo and coffee table
> books they have. Maybe we would want to go
> bigger, or square? What do you think? 

I think a square format may be interesting: we can equally fit images in 
both portrait and landscape orientation.

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