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On Tue, Jun 10, 2008 at 1:08 AM, Jeff Spaleta <jspaleta at> wrote:

> 2008/6/9 Clint Savage <herlo1 at>:
> > I look forward to getting these kinds of videos out everywhere.  In fact,
> I
> > was talking with my employer, Guru Labs, about doing some more videos in
> a
> > more system
> > administration nature.  For instance, a simple video on how to do LVM and
> > RAID together using both GUI and text tools.    Probably a bit longer and
> > more in-depth, but
> > still fun.
> Can guru labs provide some measure of hosting for videos?  We don't
> have a location identified for hosting and if they are willing to
> support your video fetish, then we can link from gurulabs for videos
> you produce, especially longer segments.  If you are going to make
> several videos fo significant length I'm not sure fedorapeople can
> accommodate them all.  Try to to aim for 5 or 10 minute segments which
> can be strung together for now.  For longer footage will need to
> attempt to use a torrent seed through miro i think... but we aren't
> there yet.

That's the idea.  I've not confirmed it all with them yet, but they are
interested in this idea.  They want the videos on their site so they get the
hits and the traffic as well.
I was thinking it might be a good compromise to have links on the wiki (or marketing materials) that redirected them to a
gurulabs page with the video
they could play.  What do you think?

> We also need to decided on what license is appropriate for anything we
> put on our "official" Fedora Miro channel.  I'd like people to be able
> to cut and mix video as liberally as possible while still giving
> credit to the original video authors.

Oh, right.  As far as the Miro channel, I see your point about the phrasing
above now.  Uh, well I don't see a problem with getting GL or a local ISP to
host possibly these
videos, as long as credit is given to the hosting locations.  What are the
licensing options?  I've never even looked into licensing video.  If it were
Open Publication License would work.  Does that work for video?

> I think it would even be appropriate to have a credit screen for your
> employer at the end of videos you make if guru labs makes this sort of
> thing a part of your job.  We'll need so general guidelines in terms
> of the length of time for credits i think..but we'll figure something
> out.  I don't want full blown commercials as credits, I think we can
> limit credits to text on a black background no longer than 30 seconds
> in total and feel comfortable with it for now, followed at the very
> end with a license statement.  But I want to give credit where credit
> is due. And if you are getting paid to produce content that is
> valuable to the Fedora community and are gifting it to us, I think its
> fair to give your employer credit in the video production credits.

I think they'd go for a simple, 'Video hosting provided by Guru Labs (and
they're web address)', along with text that explains we're a Linux training
company or something.
I'll talk with them about these details this week and see how/if they would
like to seriously pursue this idea.

> First things first, lets get a few more videos up on the page and get
> a miro feed up that we can test.
Tricky part is taking the time to do them, and to get others to take that
time.  However, I feel the time invested in these videos is worth the effort
for the community as a
whole.  I feel there are people who learn well by reading and others who
learn well kinesthetically.  So lets get more people involved in videos.


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